With our very powerful machine fleet, which we regularly maintain and upgrade to follow the developments in our industry, we also provide individual services of processing semi-finished or final products based on the specifications and drawings of our customers.
In providing our services, we not only excel in quality, but also in fast responsiveness, precision, and following the agreed time schedules. This is why we have been renowned as a reliable service provider in our industry, at home and abroad, for over 40 years.

Our most commonly requested services are:

  • tube bending,
  • cutting of materials,
  • deburring,
  • stamping,
  • steel bending,
  • turning,
  • milling,
  • drilling,
  • cylindrical grinding for curved items,
  • tube washing,
  • TIG and MIG-MAG welding,
  • cleaning of joints,
  • production of trays,
  • production of creases on tubes.
  • silicone seals
  • EPDM seals
  • PERBUNAN seals (oil-resistant seals)


Our modern machine fleet and knowledge allow us to tackle even the most demanding projects!

Custom metal semi-finished product processing. Pipe bending, material cutting. Deburring. Punching. Steel bending. CNC lathing. CNC milling. Drilling. Round grinding of bent products. Pipe washing. TIG welding and MIG-MAG welding. Weld cleaning. Slide production. Pipe fold production.

Machine tube bending


Our long-standing method of working, the constant upgrading of machinery, and knowledge, has established us as a reliable business partner for tube bending and additional processing. All of our services, from bending tubes to additional processing, are always carried out in complete harmony with the designs and specifications of our customers.
Apart from quality and accuracy, our customers particularly appreciate our fast responsiveness, and respect for the agreed deadlines.
However, they also choose our services because we carry out additional processing in addition to tube bending (CNC milling, CNC turning...), in accordance with the designs and specifications. Thus, the client receives a practically completed component for their machine, device... that they produce, and not just bent tubes which would then require further processing.
If you also need a reliable business partner for tube bending and additional processing, we are looking forward to your contact.


Tube bending with 3-roller on machines with software


Tube bending with mandrel on machines with software
Processing materials:
  1. round tubes, from phi 5 mm to phi 60 mm,
  2. copper tubes up to phi 15 mm,
  3. square tubes, from 16x16x1.5 mm to 30x30x2 mm, sanded and non-sanded,
  4. round steel from phi 3 mm to phi 20 mm,
  5. INOX steel, thickness 1 mm-2 mm, brushed or unbrushed



Based on customer specifications Pipe bending services. Pipe bending on demand. Pipe bending with programmable machines. Pipe bending with 3-cylinder programmable machines. Pipe bending with thorn programmable machines. Pipe bending. Bent pipe processing. Automated pipe bending


Rubber seals
  1. Rubber seals
  2. silicone seals
  3. EPDM seals
  4. PERBUNAN seals (oil-resistant seals)