Customers only need ideas of what they want. We do all the rest. From the first idea to the production process development, tool production, providing the right materials, and finishing off the final product, there is a one-stop shop for the customer – at VOVK d.o.o. Depending on the customers’ requirements, we can produce specific tools customised to the customers’ needs. Our team of young and skilled employees, with the energy to create, and the desire to accomplish and realise goals, is ready for any challenge.

Satisfied customers are our guide. We aim for top quality. Our goals are controlled results and quality of work; to achieve this, we have implemented a system of quality in all business areas throughout the company; (Project management, Sales, Procurement, Logistics, Production and DEVELOPMENT). We have introduced the ISO 9001- 2015 – Quality Management System.


From the first idea to the production process development, tool production... Pipe bending based on the requests and drawings of our customers. Additional processing of bent pipes based on the customers’ specifications. Development from the idea to the final product. From a drawing, prototype to serial production – all at Vovk d.o.o.


Quality management

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate proves the commitment of our company to business quality and customer satisfaction. Both are constantly monitored by our entire team. The feedback from our customers guides us in our everyday business. Our progress is benchmarked against constant business growth and the improving results of our company.




Quality policy

Vovk d.o.o. is involved in INOX stainless steel products - we are developing tools, new work processes, the processing, bending, and final treatment of pipes made of INOX stainless steel and other materials, based on the specifications of our customers. The Company Management is committed to maintaining and constantly improving the quality management system. In doing so, it follows the customers’ requirements and expectations provided in the specifications given when requesting our services.

We are a small company, with flexibility and versatility as our advantage.


Certificate of Quality

The company Vovk d.o.o. and all its employees want to be a reliable and quality production provider of products with highly demanding specifications, in a niche and low-series production in the industry of bending INOX stainless steel products with own development.


Certified pipe bending services. Certified metal processing services. Certified product development.


Credit Rating

The credit rating of excellence represents an above-average credit rating of an entity. It is based on the financial statements of entities for the last financial year, and forecasts business security for the next 12 months. The credit rating of excellence is awarded to the best companies having a key differential competitive edge.